Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Meet Casey Knight

I have the great pleasure to introduce the newest author from Solstice Publishing.
Casey Knight

How old were you when you discovered you had a passion for putting thought to page?

I guess I am a late bloomer. I got my doctorate in 2004 at the age of 52 and realized I really enjoyed writing. However, my job does not give me the opportunity to write. So, I decided to write urban fantasy because I enjoy reading it so much.


 Do you have a muse? If so, who (if you want to share) if not what gets you in the seat to start the process?

I have always loved Tolkein, J.K.Rawlings, P.C. Cast to name a few because they created unique worlds to escape into. A writer once told me to read as much as I can in the genre I wanted to write in so, I did. When I write I brainstorm some ideas and then use writing software to create a rough story outline.


 How many hours a day do you write?

I spend two to three hours writing a day. I break the time up into several blocks because it keeps me fresher.


 If you get blocked, what techniques do you use to clear your mind?

Honestly, when I am not sure where I want to go with a story I talk to my higher power and then release it. Usually within a day or two an idea comes to the surface and the writer's block is gone.


What contemporary writers do you draw inspiration from?

I enjoy Charlaine Harris, Kim Harrison, and Patricia Briggs to name a few.


Of all time, who are your very favorite authors?

My favorite author of all times for escape is J.K. Rawlings. I loved the Harry Potter books. I would make sure I didn't read more than a chapter a day so; I could draw out the story. I knew I would have to wait another year or more to see what the next book would bring. When I want more serious literature I like Jane Austin, Rumi, Adrienne Rich-I enjoy many different types of literature.


 What do you like to do for fun?

I enjoy anything on the ocean. I love walking on it and watching the dolphins, seals and birds. The sound and smells are magical to me. Really anything in the California sun makes me smile.


 What is your book about?

For centuries, wizards working for the World Council have protected humanity from the supernatural horrors - living undetected among them. Lauren Simon is the wizard in charge of defending the citizens of Los Angeles. She has a flare for fashion and a knack for dispatching the undead, deranged demons and freaky fae -they’re not all cuddly little sprites.

Lauren must stop a turf war between the powerful Prince of the Los Angeles Vampire thrall and a Mexican drug cartel -usually the two killing each other would be a win-win situation.

Lauren faces perhaps the toughest obstacles to her job of keeping Los Angeles and its citizens safe. The vampires have a contract out on her life, a Daywalker has challenged her to a fight to the death, and a rogue wizard was trying to steal the Sphere of Destiny. She can’t afford to fail; she is the only one standing between the citizens of Los Angeles and supernatural death and destruction.



 Tell everyone the name of your book and where they can buy it.

 Fang Shway LA and it is being edited as I write this.


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