Monday, May 26, 2014

my new book quiz.

the first person to answer all the questions correctly will win a swag bag of unbelievable quality.
You will need to be the first to get on Facebook and get a private message to me.

June 11th is the release date for So You Want To Be A Marine. From Solstice Publishing.
here are the questions.
1.  What happened to me when I came face to face with a King Cobra?
2.  How much time did I append in jail?
3.  How many times do I mention Pontiac, Illinois in my book?
4.  To whom am I referring when i mention the song "Charlie on the MTA?
5.  How do I describe the plane after it arrives in San Diego?
6.  What happened to me when I looked the DI in the eyes?
7.  Why do I spell Viet Nam the way I do in the book?
8.  To what use was the quarter size piece of toilet paper put?
9.  What happened with the cockroaches?
10. What did the cigarette test prove?
11. What did we call the guy who threatened to frag me in Viet Nam?
12. What did getting short mean?
14. Why was I picked to go the Headquarters Marine Corps, Washington D.C.?
15. What is the real name of the Bar I call the Purple Eagle?
16. Where did I meet Faye?
17. In what city were we married? Where Were we married?
18. What did our wedding feast consist of?
19. What great bus did I drive the last day of enlistment?
20. Who always said, "Who loves ya, baby"? (trick question, not intended to count in contest but whom ever answers it will get something special.


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