Sunday, June 21, 2015

Crimson Cloak Publishing.

Hello and a very good July to all you happy merry readers out there. Life in the publishing world has been exciting and I am following a childhood dream.
As a young-un I was always somewhere far away instead of attending to my school work.
Late in life the dream has come true. CCP has taken me under it's wing and purchased the rights to my work and things are going swimmingly so I thought it was time you all met the wonderful people responsible for my success.
The following is an interview with Carly McCracken the founder of CCP  and gives thumbs up to my work. (which by the way is good in publishing but as a roper if you rope with your thumb up you are probably gonna be called four fingers) :)

So sip that drink you have and read the how and why Crimson Cloak Publishing is reaching out to the hearts and minds of a new generation. Then put them in your favorite places and climb on board, (how do you all like those metaphors.

The Crimson Cloak Anthologies
Why do you do this?
Like the juggler who performed his acrobatics at the altar because he had no cash offering to lay upon it, we give what we can, donating our skills. Stories are only live when they are being read. Like children, after the struggle to bring them forth writers only want them to be happy and to do some good in the world. This way they can.
What do you get out of it?
To sell books, authors have to be visible; their work has to be seen. This way they can introduce their works to the world while doing some good. Everyone wins. Kindness is catching, you know! That’s why we started our Pink Piffing campaign: encouraging people to Pay It Forward in gratitude for their blessings, anything from being afforded the sight of a beautiful sunset to an unexpected windfall.
Isn’t this just corporate sponsorship?
As far as we know, this has never been done before in quite this way. It is a gift we make to a charity, followed up by marketing work to help it grow for them. It is their book, every copy sold generates money for the charity, none of the contributors earn anything from the anthologies. To raise money for themselves, a charity has only to open their heart and encourage people to buy the book, no request is made for actual publicity or branding. Some selling platforms don’t allow books to be permanently free, so selling it increases the range of outlets that will carry the book and generates more money for the charity. And if the charity can get direct sponsorship of their anthology for themselves, we will give them the written right to do this.
Aren’t you giving the book away as well?
Publishing is an odd business, giving a book away is a proven way of generating sales for it. People have to know about it before they can buy it! Each anthology contains a section about the charity it’s in aid of, what they are trying to do, links to their website etc., so the book acts like an advertising leaflet for that charity. Everyone loves a freebie: if the charity offers the book for free they can use it to thank their supporters for their interest, reward donors, tell new people about what they do, and create a buzz that leads to new funding. Everyone wins!
Don’t they have to pay for the Print version?
The publisher donates time, experience and money preparing and marketing the book for the charity, and couldn’t afford to give away printed copies on top. Each print-on-demand print book is sold at COST plus one dollar for the charity, so anyone, including the charity and its supporters, is free to buy it and sell it on at a profit to raise funds for them. This is a win-win situation as the charity will still receive the $1 per print book sold even if they buy their own book for resale, or to use as a raffle prize in fundraisers.
Isn’t this just a gimmick?
Our lovely contributors were so enthusiastic about the first one that we incorporated the anthologies into a permanent expression of our corporate ethos. Four volumes will come out in 2015 and we will continue to produce new ones. It is our way of Piffing.

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